Thursday, 30 September 2010

Movie: Insurrection Ration Pack

These were my first ever props I received from IAW. Long with my VOY comm badge, this is what really got me hooked on prop collection.

I like these props for various reasons.

1/ I am able to pinpoint where in  the movie they were used. True, it was only for approx 20secs, by hey, they are on screen!!!

2/ As well as being a prop, I think they have also been used by the actors as a proper container of sorts. My ration box as the remains of some sort of cola stuck on the inside, which is kinda cool.

3/ As with all props, they might look futuristic when watching on screen, but in real life they are actually just everyday products. The drink container is just a plastic drinks bottle with some StarFleet stickers attached, and the ration box is just some plastic moulded box, again with some stickers attached and a hologram.

Here are the pics of the ration pack as they are in my collection.

And here is Data handing two to Bev and Troi, and notice behind his leg is a box full of them as well!