Thursday, 28 October 2010

Hero, Screenused fully light up Tricorder!!!


Its been a while since I last updated this blog. I have been somewhat busy the last couple of weeks, so thought I would start again with my favorite prop of them all.

I won this in the Summer at the PIH auction, the same auction where I won my cricket phaser. Both items, and indeed most of the trek props, came from one consigner who obtained the props from Paramount many many years ago. 

A link to the PIH items can be found here, look towards the end of the catalogue for all the trek props

Now, there was numerous screen used trics up for sale at this auction, and after some thought, I plumped for the one I won. Why? First, I am a great fan of the  Marks VII as they were seen in the late series of TNG, VOY and Generations. Also, its the only one I have seen which has the Crow Robot graphic as its display, which I believe was an in-shop joke by the builders. On that point, there are two things I want to state.

After speaking to Mike Moore, the creator of these great props, he confirmed that this particular tric was used in the Movie : Generations. I have yet been unable to screen link this. Perhaps when I get the HD version it might show up for me,

With the help of Jorg, I was able to screen link this to a particular scene in VOY, where it was being used by the away team.

Here is the PIH description of this prop.

Hero Illuminating Starfleet Mark VII Science Tricorder from Star Trek: Generations.  (Paramount-TV, 1994)  This hero illuminating Starfleet Mark VII Science Tricorder from Star Trek: Generations is based on Rich Sternbach’s Mk VI design and built by Ed Miarecki with electronics by Steve Horch.  It is constructed of gray vacuum-formed plastic with small printed labels to look like buttons and displays.  The graphic depicts the “crow” robot from Mystery Science Theater 3000 (an inside joke among the prop makers).  The prop comes to life when opened with an impressive display of LED lights.  Measures 6 ½ in. long when open and includes a black fabric-covered holder with Velcro backing for attachment.  $3,000 $5,000

And, here are some pics of it for you all,

And here is a video, enjoy!!!

Its not as heavy as you would expect it to be, and the back compartment comes off by the means of 4 allan screws to reveal the insides and the battery. As with all props, it makes no noises. These were added in by the production crew after filming.

And, just for completeness, I also include the PIH video with all the trics lined up. I great sight!!!!