Tuesday, 21 September 2010


Everybody loves phasers, who doesn't!!!!!

Throughout the Trek Universe, there has been many different types of phasers, from Crickets, Boomerangs, Dolphins etc etc.

Well, I am the owner of two phasers.

The first is this one,

It is a rubber phaser complete with holster. As you can see from the pics, there is some cracking, and it is missing the phaser emitter tip. I have been told that this is common as the actors would slam the phaser back into the holder, thus breaking off the tip. Considering its age, its still very sturdy and keeps it shape almost like a resin example. Again, this originally came from a private collector via IAW, and I got this for a good price.

Next up, and a recent addition to my collection, is the Cricket phaser. I won this at a recent PIH auction and LOVE this prop. It fully lights up (HERO version), not only at the tip but also on the power bar as well. Here are some pictures of it.

Being used in the TNG Episode 'The Game'

And, I have also shot a video for you all, as pics really don't do this piece justice!!!

It works by sliding down the cover to turn on a small micro switch, and then replacing the cover. Once replaced, when this is pressed, it operates the red light at the end as you can see from the video! Sound effects were added by production after filming!!!!

 From what I can gather, the two sold at PIH are the only two verified cricket phasers around. They were most commonly used in Early TNG episodes, and also some VOY episodes. I feel very privileged to own this, and owe this to several people for helping me out!!!

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